Video Game School

Vocational Training For Adults With Disablities

Learn Coding, Game Design, Art & more.

Video games have the power to change the world.

earning to build a video game has the power to change a life. 

Game Gen Spectrum

Our Program

Our goal is to help our students tap into their passion for games and help them build an amazing future that they can excel in. We build on the strengths of our students and teach them to make their dreams a reality. They learn professional game development. Our students learn to create art, programming, and game design. They create their own games like Mario, Zelda and even Smash Brothers!

1 Day A Week Program

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Game Gen Experience
  • Come to class once a week
  • We will teach you to make the games you want to make!
  • Build real job skills
  • Join a social structure built around gaming.
  • Structured, safe, predictable environment
  • Teachers that understand students
Student Spotlight
  • Exposure to all areas of game development
  • Ability to specialize in your strengths
  • Create your own games
  • Publish and earn revenue from these games
  • Build a porfolio that showcases skills

Our Students Winning USC Global Game Jam

Transition to Independence Conference - 2018 - Game Gen Panel

Play Our Student Games On GameGen.Games

Game Gen Spectrum FAQ

Game Gen Spectrum
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